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Road Tests

Take your Drivers Test Here in Norwood

To be eligible to take your road test with A&B, YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY and fill out the “Road Test Sign Up” form below.


Exact road test dates are to be determined by the Massachusetts RMV. We submit a list to the RMV 2 weeks prior to the desired road test date. List goes into RMV on Mondays. RMV notifies us on Friday when the test will be. We communicate this info to you through text. So plan approximately 2 weeks from when your info goes into RMV. If you are a JOL driver, you must have met all your driving requirements prior to requested road test date. Deadline for new requests is every Sunday. If you are not from A&B we can get you a test. A transfer request is necessary and could delay your test date. NO CANCELLATIONS once name is submitted to the RMV.

Please note, if you are planning on taking your road test with A&B, please do not schedule any other road tests with the RMV. Massachusetts does not allow you to have two road test appointments scheduled at one time. Having more than one road test scheduled will result in the RMV canceling all scheduled road tests. If you plan on taking your road test somewhere else, please let us know ASAP so we can cancel your test with A&B to avoid additional fees.




You must bring the following things with you the day of the exam:

  • Learner’s permit
    • If you have a B restriction on your learner’s permit, you must have your corrective lenses or your contacts
  • Completed road test application signed by a parent or legal guardian
    • Download and fill out your road test application. Click Here
  • $120 (+$4.50 credit card fee if paid with credit card) fee covers - If a second test if needed, fee is $100 (+$4.00 credit card fee if paid with credit card) for A&B JOL students.
    • Scheduling of the road test
    • Use of our vehicle to take road test in
    • Sponsor
    • RMV examiner
    • Does not include RMV fees

Steps to paying RMV
1) Go to Mass.gov/rmv
2) Scroll to Passenger D License
3) Click "see all 16" if you don't see all the options
4) Go to Pay for my road test
Follow the prompts from there

A&B Driving road test driving fee does not include RMV fees

  • $35 for license application
  • $50 for license picture (good for 5 years)
  • To pay the RMV for your license picture, please visit any MassDOT branch or call 857-368-8000 or go to Mass.gov/RMV scroll down to Passenger D License.
  • Click on see all 16, scroll to Pay for my road test and follow the steps to open your account and this is also where you can check your status after a test to see its recorded - it will say ACTIVE in Green.
  • A "No Show" is still responsible for paying the RMV fees


**By submitting your name below, you are authorizing A&B Driving School to book road test on your behalf.

You will get a text when we have a date for you approximately 1 week before test. You will not hear from us till then as we are busy getting those dates.


Cancelling or No Show after we schedule a test for you will result in a $60 Cancellation Fee.

If you have already signed up for your road test below and would like to pay ahead of time, please click here.

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We are offering road tests right here in Norwood!!! To be eligible to take your road test with A&B, you must read everything carefully and fill out the "Road Test Sign Up” form.


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